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Cyb-Uranus Virtual CISO

The role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is to associate security programs/ideas with enterprise programs and business objectives, ensuring that information assets and technologies are adequately protected.

A Virtual CISO (vCISO) is a security professional (or team of professionals) who work virtually. This team or outsourced expert focuses on developing goals, visions, and approaches/strategies to augment cybersecurity all through an organisation.

The vCISO performs the same roles as an organisation’s in-house CISO, but a much more cost-effective option. Cyb-Uranus vCISO services maximises your cybersecurity while also minimising costs.

At Cyb-Uranus, we recognise that Start-Ups and SMEs may not be able to pay for a full-time CISO. We also understand that no business can afford to go without security, thus the reason we offer security expertise from a team of talented vCISOs to keep your business running smoothly, but more importantly, safely while you focus of running and growing your business

The benefits of hiring a Cyb-Uranus vCISO solves the problems of time and cost.

Time Element

A vCISO can be hired swiftly, doesn’t need to be scrutinised or trained as extensively, and can show speedy results.

Cyb-Uranus vCISO has 3 Advantages

  • Security Capability
  • Cost Efficacy
  • Further Opportunities for Learning/Training

Cost Component

Running a Start-Up or SME, it would cost a lot to have a security expert onsite. If you’re trying to lower the budget or just don’t need full-time support, a vCISO might just be the solution. The role of vCISO is enormously versatile and cybersecurity looks relatively similar across most markets.

Security Capability

With Cyb-Uranus virtual CISO services, you’re fundamentally certain to be partnered with an experienced provider who has a long history of security expertise.

Opportunity to Learn

Hiring a vCISO is an opportunity to learn since this person is an expert on cybersecurity. You willl be able to exploit that knowledge and experience to your advantage. While the vCISO does the heavy security lifting, the rest of the team can observe and learn, which in turn strengthens your entire organisation.


The average CISO salary in 2020 was more than £150,000. Apparently not every company can afford to cough such amount of money. With vCISO services, they do not have to since vCISOs aren’t considered full-time employees, organisations will be able to trim down the budget significantly with lowered payroll costs.

Cyb-Uranus has the expertise and capability to take on the role of your organisation’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer vCISO.

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