Security Awareness Education

Security Awareness Education

One of the most important vulnerabilities in cybersecurity is the insider threat.

In addition, it is difficult to defend against since it involves an insider. Organisations are inclined to mainly aim at protecting the company and its clients with most security initiatives, and do not focus as much on their employees/supply chain or the danger they can pose.

This is also a product of certain security measures being enforced only when a danger prevails over the system of the client and not the structure of the organisation itself.

Most organisations know how to protect themselves against external threats, it is important to remember, however, that insider threats can cause significant damage to a business, and proper defences should be considered. Data that is compromised or exfiltrated further exposes an organisation to insider attacks.

Our ongoing automated security awareness training helps you

  • Understand your users’ individual security strength and weaknesses around the facets of security awareness.
  • Prioritise courses that eliminate users' unique risk areas of areas.
  • Keep users engaged with bite-sized, jargon-free courses.
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance by training adoption trackingg.


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